Game Time


The Game Time Basketball is ready to hit the court with extra-deep channels and a composite exterior that helps you keep your grip.

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Designed with love for the game, made with quality materials! Enjoy indoor and outdoor play, the soft touch and firm grip will make sure you do! The Game Time model’s classic dark brown design is inspired by the Golden Era’s NBA and NCAA basketballs. Serious and straight to the point. It comes in Men’s size 7, more sizes coming soon. The Guide Line option helps you improve your shot (check Videos Section)!

Show your ball love, and it will love you back! Take care of it by cleaning it as often as possible. Check related video in the Videos Section for instructions.

Additional information


Composite leather


Moisture management


Deep channel


Rotationally balanced bladder

Play Type

Indoor and Outdoor


Baby size 1, 16”, Men size 7, 29.5”, Women/Youth size 6, 28.5”, Youth size 5, 27.5”


Made with true love for the game


With Guide Line, Without Guide Line


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